Week 6 - miss baity 5/6 band and kindergarten music

about miss baity

  • 4th year teaching
  • She received her bachelor's degree in Music Education from Augustana. She also has a minor in jazz.
  • Her favorite sports team is the Chicago Blackhawks.

5th-grade band

4 Flutes

6 Clarinets

4 Saxophones

6 Trumpets

1 Trombone

1 Baritone

3 Percussion

6th-grade band

1 Oboe

3 Clarinets

2 Saxophone

2 Trumpet

2 Trombone 

1 Baritone

4 Percussion

5th-grade's favorite songs

"Mary Had a Cool Lamb"

"Rhythm Rendezvous"

"Duet Like This"

"Hot Cross Buns"


"Down by the Station"

6th-Grade Favorite Songs

"Mary Had a Cool Lamb"


"Frere Jaques"

"Old McDonald"

"Circus Act"