Membership into the ROWVA Hall of Fame

A Hall of Fame committee has been created to select no more than 3 teams or individuals each year to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. This committee would be made up of the ROWVA High School Principal, ROWVA Athletic Director, a current ROWVA High School Coach, a retired ROWVA High School Coach, a current ROWVA teacher that has taken an active role during their career in ROWVA athletics, a ROWVA alumni that has been graduated for 25 years, and a current ROWVA graduate (within 25 years).

This committee will decide on entry based on individuals that have been nominated. Nomination forms are available on-line on the ROWVA District website.

In order for a team to be nominated 5 years must have gone by since the team’s accomplishment, and for an individual they must have been graduated for 5 years. Once an individual has been nominated they will remain in consideration for 5 years. If they are not chosen by the committee after 5 years they must be re-nominated.

Nominees may include individuals or teams from any of the following:

  • ROWVA High School
  • ROVA High School
  • Rio High School
  • Oneida High School
  • Wataga Sparta Township High School
  • Victoria High School
  • Altona (Walnut Grove) High School
  • A and R Coop
  • Mid County Coop

Nominations each year would be accepted until August 1. The committee would then meet, make its selections and the recipients would be announced during the Homecoming football game if it is a year it is at ROWVA. If it is at Galva, another home game will be selected. A ceremony to honor the recipients would then be held during a home basketball game. During this ceremony, the ROWVA Athletic boosters would present recipients in attendance with a plaque, and for teams that are inducted the coaches will receive plaques while the team members will receive certificates from the ROWVA Athletic Boosters.

Click here for a Nomination Form